Clean Energy Drives North Carolina Forward

Our state is on the cusp of energy transformation. North Carolina is a national leader in renewable energy. Energy customers are asking for greater access to clean energy, which will save them money, keep their electricity affordable and reliable, and ensure our economy and businesses increase their competitive advantage.

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Building on North Carolina’s Clean Energy Success

Clean energy builds, maintains, and grows local economies

NC is home to over 34,000 clean energy jobs across a nearly $7 billion industry. By and for North Carolinians, the renewable energy projects we build will mean jobs, investments and tax revenues stay in our local economies. These projects have pumped $9 billion into communities across the Tar Heel State.



Clean energy makes us more secure

Clean energy helps both the military and our first responders, like firefighters, stay operational during emergencies that interrupt the rest of the power grid.

Clean energy investments lower customer bills


A 2015 RTI report estimated that North Carolinians will save $651M by 2029 as the result of more renewable energy and energy efficiency in NC’s power production mix. Clean energy reduces the need for utilities to build and operate expensive new power plants.




Clean energy is good for our health and wellbeing

More clean energy means less illnesses and other conditions caused or exacerbated by harmful traditional energy byproducts.



“Comprehensive energy legislation introduced on June 6, 2017 will help North Carolina remain globally competitive, while securing long-term economic opportunities across the state. House Bill 589 is the result of over 30 collaborative stakeholder meetings attended by a diverse group of renewable energy, consumer advocacy organizations, and utilities, in the past year. NCSEA was honored to participate and help point these critical discussions in a mutually beneficial direction – one that protects and grows our State’s developing clean energy success story, as well as our legacy of economic leadership in the region.”

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

Paving the Way Forward in North Carolina

North Carolina is a national leader in renewable energy.  Energy customers are asking for more options that save them money, keep their electricity reliable, and provide cleaner solutions.

Open Bidding

Solar developers will engage in a new competitive bidding process, which will provide additional cost savings for all North Carolina electric consumers and foster more favorable siting locations.



Spurring Competitiveness and Options for Consumers

Solar is cost-competitive and project prices continue to fall. Updates to policies are needed to ensure that electric customers across the state can take advantage of those savings. 

HB589 ensures customers are paying the best price possible for integrating solar into the North Carolina energy grid.

The bill creates a solar leasing program that allows consumers to work with solar companies and take advantage of a competitive market to install renewable energy with little or no upfront cost. 

The bill opens the door for non-profit organizations to benefit from other federal renewable energy policies.


Policies that Make Sense

HB589 is a major step forward in energy policy to ensure North Carolina remains competitive in the global economy in which we live. This legislation represents agreement among a very diverse group of renewable energy, customer advocate and utility organizations after nearly a year of stakeholder negotiations.

HB589 would:


  • Restart a Green Source Rider program, which will allow large utility customers to work directly with renewable energy developers to purchase the type of energy that makes the most sense for their customers and employees. With many employers having sustainability goals, this bill will provide North Carolina with another economic tool to recruit and maintain jobs in the future.
    • At least 6800 megawatts of solar will be built in North Carolina by 2022
    • Earkmark 600 MW of renewable energy for a new Green Source Rider program
    • Out of the total GSR program, 100 MW will be reserved for the military and 250 MW will be reserved for the University of North Carolina campuses
    • Create a new community solar program (totalling 40 megawatts)
    • Create a new solar rebate program that will be offered by utilities for residential and commercial customers (10MW of rebates per utility for 5 years; total 100MW)

Leading the Future of Energy

Energy Storage can shape the way we use clean energy in the future. By storing energy, North Carolinians are still able to use electricity generated by clean sources, even when these sources are not currently generating power. HB589 would create a study examining the value of energy storage and its application on the grid. North Carolina has the opportunity to lead in this industry and provide further savings to customers as the technology matures.

HB589 Updates

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