CHARLOTTE — “We can already tell within the next year or two we may need to add more jobs. We’ll be looking to expand,” Hannah Wiegard of ReNu Energy Solutions said.

That’s if the Competitive Energy Solutions Act becomes law. Because right now, installing solar panels on a home can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even with existing rebates.

ReNu Energy Solutions is a Charlotte-based solar installation provider.

“[Our solar panel] system was around $42,000,” One customer said. “Because of the tax credits, our out-of-pocket was about $21,000.”

In addition to reforming energy policy and regulations, the Competitive Energy Solutions Act would allow companies to lease solar panels to customers. Creating little to no upfront costs.

“What customers want to see, we know, is more affordable, clean energy,” Weigard said. “Cleaner energy on the grid at costs that they can afford.”