NC Needs Competitive Energy Solutions

House Bill 589 was meant to help ensure a strong energy future by promoting affordable, reliable electricity and a thriving economy where NC businesses can grow. Unfortunately, some in the Senate have rewritten the bill to include unnecessary overregulation that kills competitiveness. These changes to HB 589 will hurt our state and local consumers, businesses, and economies. Tell your lawmaker that overregulating and harming our clean energy industry is bad for North Carolina.

Say NO to Senate Version of HB 589

Negative Senate Changes to HB 589

On June 26, the Senate introduced unnecessary and harmful changes to HB 589. These changes will hurt energy consumers and job creators across our state. We urge you to tell your lawmaker to vote NO to Senate changes to the bill.

Below is a summary of the Senate’s harmful changes: 

Wind Ban

The Senate wants to ban the development of wind energy in North Carolina for 4 years, without grandfathering two major job-producing projects that have already spent millions of dollars and have been benefitting local communities for the last 3 years.

Reduce Market Competition

The Senate wants to dramatically reduce the amount of solar power that utilities will procure through competitive procurement. Decreasing competition and choice in the marketplace will be harmful to NC consumers and ratepayers.

Government Overregulation

The Senate wants to require cumbersome and unnecessary financial assurance requirements for solar facilities. No other state requires these rules, because it kills innovation and competitiveness for solar businesses and the businesses that rely on them for cheap and reliable power.

Slowing Down North Carolina Industry

The Senate wants to prevent Duke Energy from competitively procuring more renewable energy through an additional Request for Proposal – an important part of the bidding process that assures market competitiveness. This effectively adds a prevents Duke and others from offering more renewable energy options and makes it very difficult for residential and business consumers of clean energy to get what they need.

The Senate version of HB 589 also grinds numerous NC industries to a halt. Large numbers of people and organizations are involved with the generation, distribution, and maintenance of clean and renewable energy in our state. Less development in this vital industry means fewer jobs, investments, taxes, and other revenues (e.g., lease payments) to local communities and throughout our state.

Now is the time to tell NC’s Senate that we are opposed to their bad version of HB 589.


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Why the House Version of HB 589 Is Good For Me

The House version of HB 589 was a major step forward with strong bi-partisan support. It would help North Carolina businesses remain economically competitive while keeping energy costs lower for consumers. Reaching this agreement was a careful and collaborative process with many groups from all sides of the political spectrum. Here is what the bill SHOULD look like:

Cost Savings for NC Consumers

Clean Energy is cost-competitive and great for energy consumers. HB 589 would offer more money-saving options and keeps electricity reliable by promoting clean energy sources.

More Business Competition and Innovation

With a new open bidding process, clean energy developers would be competing with one another for business. Competition in the marketplace would mean lower costs for consumers and more innovation for NC businesses.

More Options for Energy Consumers

The House version of HB 589 would create a solar leasing program, giving consumers easy access to cost-competitive installation options. Finally, NC energy consumers would be able to install clean, renewable energy with little or no upfront cost. North Carolinians want the freedom to choose from cost effective and clean energy options.

Keep the Wind Ban Out of HB 589

One of the disastrous Senate changes to HB 589 is a ban on wind in our state. More government regulation of this thriving industry means killing off future jobs and investments in NC communities, particularly those in Eastern NC.

How Does Wind Benefit NC?

Thousands of Jobs

North Carolina wind projects employ over 1,000 workers, and it is a very fast growing job sector in our state. The Amazon US East wind project alone employed 500 workers across 30 NC companies during the construction phase and maintains 18 full-time employees continuously.


Millions in Investments

Eastern NC earns millions in investments from existing wind projects and would stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in future investments if we ban wind.


Military Approved

The military supports wind energy because it provides a low-cost form of reliable power. Our armed forces also understand that using clean, renewable energy means we do not have to depend on foreign sources of energy to supply our energy needs. The military has complete control over the wind approval process and can halt any wind project that it deems a threat to national security or military missions.

Industry Manufacturing

North Carolina has 26 wind manufacturing facilities. Every part of a wind turbine can be made right here in our backyard, which means more North Carolinian (and more American) jobs in this vital industry.

Major NC Businesses Support the House Version of HB 589

Now is the time to tell your Senator that you are opposed to the Senate version of HB 589.

We deliver your information and message to legislators. We will not send you mail, emails, or give your information to third parties.

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